Unlike governments daunted by legacy systems, Dubai’s public institutions competently, seamlessly and expeditiously enforce and monitor policy implementation, particularly the aspects that facilitate the investor journey. The efficiency and innovation of Dubai’s public institutions translate into the productivity and reliability of the systems they design and manage. Policy is matched to business requirements to ensure economic growth in key sectors and to deliver a world-class investor experience – from the clarity and efficiency of processes to the effectiveness of enforcing regulation.

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World Bank Government Effectiveness Indicator

UAE Ranks 18 among 192 Countries with a score of 1.54 on a possible 2.5

World Bank Government Effectiveness indicator

World Bank control of corruption indicator

UAE ranks 31 among 192 economies, with a score of 1.12 on a possible 2.5

World Bank Control of Corruption indicator

WEF Global Competitiveness index 2016-2017

UAE ranks 16 among 138 economies

WEF Global Competitiveness Index 2016-2017

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