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As a diverse globalized location, Dubai has envisioned ‘A City of Happy, Creative and Empowered People’. The Dubai Plan 2021 focuses on the “pursuit and promotion of education and personal development, and the attainment of healthy lifestyle, to enable people to play an active, productive and innovative role in all aspects of the society and the economy”.


EIU Global Livability Ranking 2017

Dubai ranks No. 1 in MENA and is among the top two biggest improvers worldwide in five years

Legatum Prosperity Index 2016

UAE Ranks 41 among 149 countries

Legatum Prosperity Index 2016

Mercer Quality of Living Index 2017

Dubai ranks 74 globally and No. 1 in MENA

Share of public transport (2)

IN DUBAI (Q1/2017)

Dubai constantly aspires to enhance the degree of social well-being and the quality of living standards as drivers of a more positive and productive environment that attracts and retains people necessary for business to flourish.

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